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MPP letter
Hemos creado un cartel para compartir parte de nuestro trabajo que hemos hecho desde Marzo. Se puede descargar AQUÍ.

We have created a poster to share some of the work we have been doing since March. It can be downloaded HERE

Mobile Print Power es un colectivo de serigrafía basado en Centro Corona en Corona, Queens. Somos un colectivo que usualmente trabajamos cara a cara en espacios públicos pero hemos recurrido al trabajar online, como parte de la Red de Ayuda Mutua del Centro Corona, para seguir conectados y haciendo arte.
Estos dibujos responden a la experiencia de la vida durante la pandemia. Se enfocan en ideas de protesta, creando salud comunitaria, proporcionando abundancia y fomentando la conexión consciente.

Mobile Print Power is a printmaking collective based at Centro Corona in Corona, Queens. We are a collective that usually works face to face and in public spaces but we have turned to online, as part of Centro Corona’s Mutual Aid Network, to continue to connect and make art.
These drawings respond to the experience of life during the pandemic. They focus on ideas of protest, creating community health, providing abundance, and fostering mindful connection.

Who we are:

We are a multigenerational collective from different corners of NYC and the world. We started as a weekly printmaking and political education workshop at Immigrant Movement International in Corona, Queens (IMI Corona) in March, 2013. Over time, and as regular participants in the workshop began to emerge as co-facilitators and co-organizers, we began referring to ourselves as a collective. Our different educational backgrounds and viewpoints make us strong as a collective and powerful as artists and activists.

For over seven years we have been using our methodology for participatory design in public space and a pair of portable silkscreen printmaking carts to engage communities and explore social and cultural situations. To transmit the work that we co-create with the community we make books, prints, and public sculptures. Each project that we do reflects our commitment to social justice and our belief in the value of shared artistic production.

Due to the pandemic we are not meeting in our usual space at Centro Corona but we encourage you to come to one of our weekly online workshops and learn more about what we do! Our online workshops are held on Mondays from 6:30-7:30pm. Email us at to let us know you would like to join.

Contact information:

FB: @mobileprintpower
Twitter: @mprintpower
Instagram: @mprintpower


Jose Benitez

My name is Jose Benitez. I got involved with MPP a year ago during the development of our show at interference Archive. I'm currently studying math and sociology at Baruch College in Manhattan but I have a strong interest in documentary video, community organizing, and social activism.

Stephanie R. Roman

My name is Stephanie R. Roman. Another group member, Marissa, introduced me to the group and from there I started to continue coming and I’m still here. I never knew art would be so interesting until I came here. I’ve been an MPP member since 2014. My favorite memory was the working with Open Engagement in Pittsburg, our long travel there was unforgettable. I got to meet international artists, which was the best part.
Fun facts about me: My birthday is May 28th. I am 5’ 7”, my favorite color is red, and I only listen to rap music.

Brandon Castillo

My name is Brandon Castillo. I got involved with MPP because my mom knew I liked art so when she was looking through programs at Immigrant Movement International (IMI) she invited me to join the group. I’ve been a member since late March 2013. My most memorable MPP project was the collaboration with Talk Is Cheap where we made arepas.
Fun facts about me: My birthday is February 8, 1999. I am less shy and more open. I’ve become a better artist. I’m on the Tennis team at my school and I like photography/film. My career path is Architecture but I might also want to video-edit.

Daniel Flores

Daniel joined the group in October 2013. His background is in graphic design and illustration. His drawings have become part of many books and prints published by the group. Daniel has helped the group develop strategies for public engagement and has been part of countless public project in Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and the Bronx.

Erik Guevara

My name is Erik Guevara. I got involved with MPP because another member, Marissa, talked about it once and it sounded interesting so I decided to come. I’ve been a member since 2013. My most memorable MPP project was working with Unlocal because we did a big amount of shirts and also got food.
Fun facts about me: My birthday is December 27th.

Haley Mackenzie Bain

My name is Haley Mackenzie Bain. MPP is the second work position that I’m doing as part of The Queens Teens Program at the Queens Museum. I’ve been a member since January 2016. My most memorable project with MPP was the first event that I worked with MPP at MOMA PS1. It was a very exciting feeling to have successfully run the workshop with the whole team, which was very rewarding.
Fun facts about me: My birthday is February 12, 1999. I used to collect rubber ducks and at its peak my collection was 54 ducks large.

Jessica Epstein

My name is Jessica Epstein. I became involved with MPP because I saw an event the group was doing in collaboration with MOMA PS1 and NOCD-NY so I reached out to the group on Facebook and was encouraged to join the workshops. I’ve been a member since February 2016. My most memorable project with MPP so far has been our event at MOMA PS1. I was so impressed with the way the group operated and collaborated with other arts organizations from around the city.
Fun facts about me: My birthday is September 18, 1989. I really love to cook, eat, and travel but I’ve been a vegetarian since I was 5 so that always makes things a little difficult!

Jennifer Muñoz

My name is Jennifer Muñoz and I got involved with MPP because I am interested in the history of silkscreen printing. I’ve been an MPP member for two and a half years. My favorite MPP saying is “Cool Collaboration.”
Fun facts about me: My birthday is January 19th. I am a straight-forward person, if there is something not compelling to my thoughts or eyes, I speak.


My name is Lerone and I decided to become a member of the group because I like art. I’ve been a member since 2015. My most memorable MPP project was one where we worked with stickers, I liked it because it was fun.
Fun facts about me: I draw for almost 9 hours per day.

Marissa Campiz

My name is Marissa Campiz. I got involved with MPP because my mom made me but I actually ended up loving it and staying. I’ve been an MPP member since the beginning, about 3 years now. My favorite MPP project was working with Arts Greenhouse at Open Engagement in Pittsburgh.
Fun facts about me: My birthday is October 4th, 2004. I am really good at customizing my own clothes and things. I am also learning about the law and I play violin.

Nathalie Rea

My name is Nathaie Xiomara Rea. I am part of MPP because I like art. I’ve been a member of MPP for 3 years. My favorite memory from MPP was celebrating Brandon’s birthday because my mom made spaghetti and sausage.
Fun facts about me: My birthday is September 1, 2006. I am a dancing and karaoke superstar and I like spaghetti and sausage!

Patrick Rowe

My name is Patrick Rowe. I started MPP because I wanted to bring printmaking into public space. I also wanted to start a workshop at Immigrant Movement International (IMI) so that families from the local community could learn how to make prints and create new images. I’ve been a MPP member since the beginning, in March 2013. For me, one of the most memorable projects was our event celebrating the one-year anniversary at Corona Plaza. This was our first well-thought-out project, the culmination of a whole summer working with the public in the plaza. The images we printed that day were part of the message from Corona Plaza.
Fun facts about me: My birthday is May 23, 1982. I was new to screen printing when I started MPP, I learned right along with the rest of the group.

Ricky Perez

My name is Ricky Perez. I got involved with MPP because my mom told me about it. I came the first day the group met but I took a long break and recently came back to the group in March 2016. One of my most memorable projects was printing the “Know Your Rights” posters.
Fun fact about me: My birthday is July 30th. I like playing on the computer.

Silvia Juliana Manilla Ortiz

My name is Silvia Juliana Mantilla Ortiz. I got involved with MPP because I love art and collaborating with young people around issues of social justice. I’ve been a member of MPP since 2013. My most memorable MPP project was working on the cookbook but I think my favorite memory was the road trip we took together to Pittsburgh for Open Engagement.
Fun facts about me: My birthday is May 26, 1987. I love to cook and dance. I am also an interpreter and I am pretty good at handstands.

Yiovana Castillo

Yiovanna has been a member of Mobile Print Power since day one. Her progressive exhibition and public project ideas have been crucial throughout the groups' development. A highly skilled printmaker, Yiovanna helped Mobile Print Power complete their most challenging commissioned project for Open Engagement 2014. For this project, Yiovanna developed an assembly line type system for printing and heat setting tote bags for mass production. She enjoys sharing the screen printmaking process with others.

Bill Jannen

My name is Bill Jannen and I joined MPP in 2014 because I wanted to connect to my community. My most memorable MPP project was the “Streetwise” book because it was really fun. We took all of the extra work that didn’t fit into the “Big Apple” project and we spent a whole day making images together.
Fun facts about me: My birthday is November 9th. I was a 6’5” hobbit when my friends and I filmed “The Hobbit” and “The Lord of The Rings” in High School.

Past members:

Aria Shehas

Bryan Marca

Guadalupe Ibañez

Jennifer Munoz

Stephanie Ramirez

Nefthali Gomez

Shamir Gomez

Luis Merino

Larry Mellado

Vilma Gonzalez

Nayelli Avila

Nayelli Guanuchi

Librada Reyes

Esther Sánchez

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